Our Partners

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    Securio is the new website protection service on the block. Securio can not only protect your application or website from (D)DoS attacks but it can also automatically secure and increase the performance at the same time whilst allowing you to point your domain/subdomain to any IP address, and any port of your desire. Upon Public Beta release of Securio, we will be launching a simple Plug and Play dashboard where you can manage your numerous domains and use optional features such as; TLS 1.3 Support, Minification of HTML, CSS and JS, Custom SSL Uploads, Obfuscation of JS and the ability to create a load balancer between two origin servers

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    Jinkaku is a Roleplay bot built for roleplay servers. You can create multiple profiles, setup an economy, and more, Who is this bot made for? This bot is made for serious roleplay servers, who want an advanced economy or the ability for users to talk in their characters. Using webhooks, users are able to talk in their characters by using a prefix Just invited the bot, how do I setup it up? For Server Owners, you do not need to set it up. It oss just invite and you are good to go!

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    ManiaBots, powering your discord community! Join now for the latest updates and join in on the gossip! Our awesome support team will be there to assist you! Got a question? No problem! Just ask in our support channel!

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    Pulse has support for Youtube, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Twitch, Vimeo, Mixer and plays them all at the highest possible quality!